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Making intelligent investments & trades is essential under any market circumstances. We post our thoughts on unique potential stock choices that are worth further research & consideration, as well as our thoughts on the broader markets, news & economics.

Stocks & ETFs We Like – See What Companies & Names We Are Reviewing Closer

Read our notes & analyses on different stock & ETF names to help find ideas to research further! Blending Fundamental & Technical Analysis with current market conditions, we always look for the best investments at the most opportune price ranges. See more of our Stock & ETF Research Notes here.

Market Commentary – Read Our Thoughts On The Current Market Conditions & Where We Might Be Heading Next

Check out our thoughts on where the markets are currently, as well as where we think they might be heading. We also post our thoughts on Sector & Industry performances, helping our readers see why we are making the investment decisions & trades that we are making – read more here.

As with anything else, please always do your own research, but treat these posts as a head-start into things you may want to research. None of this is investment advice, it is just my thoughts & reflects my trading style. Enjoy & good luck!

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