Bed, Bath & Beyond Stock Analysis

Bed, Bath & Beyond stock has recently shown technical strength that is worth taking a closer look at for a short-term trade.

Trading under the ticker BBBY, they closed yesterday at $19.76/share, on strong volume for the last few months, indicating that there is at least short-term momentum for further price movement.

Bed, Bath & Beyond BBBY Stock Technical Performance For The Last Year

BBBY Stock Price: $19.76

10 Day Moving-Average: $18.75

50 Day Moving-Average: $20.10

200 Day Moving-Average: $12.86

RSI: 54

Their MACD is beginning to curl up, showing signs of a possible breakout to the upside, which is also confirmed by the price about to cross the 50 Day Moving-Average, bringing the 10 Day Moving-Average along with it, a bullish signal.

Since BBBY stock also has options to trade, buying the $19 calls with the 1/8 expiration seems appealing in this instance, while selling the $19 puts with the same expiration date can also yield a little more money.

Overall, it appears that Bed, Bath & Beyond stock has more room to run, making a great opportunity in the near-term for traders of common shares & options alike!


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