ConAgra Brands, Inc. CAG Stock Analysis

ConAgra Brands, Inc. stock trades under the ticker CAG & has shown recent bullish behavior that traders & investors should take a closer look into.

CAG stock closed at $32.57/share on 6/10/2022.

ConAgra Brands, Inc. CAG Stock’s Technical Performance Broken Down

ConAgra Brands, Inc. CAG Stock's Technical Performance Over The Last Year

CAG Stock Price: $32.57

10 Day Moving Average: $32.52

50 Day Moving Average: $34.23

200 Day Moving Average: $33.16

RSI: 42.96


Yesterday, CAG stock completed a bullish MACD crossover, settling above its 10 day moving average.

Their RSI is still on the oversold side of neutral, and volumes have been about average for the year.

They will need to break above the $32.98 & $33.37 resistance levels as they continue to climb higher.

ConAgra Brands, Inc. CAG Stock As A Long-Term Investment

Long-term oriented investors will like CAG stock’s valuation metrics, with a 15.04 P/E (ttm) & a 1.77 P/B (mrq).

They recently reported 5.1% Quarterly Revenue Growth Y-o-Y, on -22.4% Quarterly Earnings Growth Y-o-Y.

Their balance sheet will require a thorough review, with $79.7M in Total Cash (mrq) & $9.16B in Total Debt (mrq).

CAG stock pays a 3.76% dividend yield, which may not be sustainable in the long-term, as their payout ratio is 56.4%.

87.14% of CAG stock’s outstanding share float is owned by institutional investors

ConAgra Brands, Inc. CAG Stock As A Short-Term Trade Using Options

Traders focusing on the short-term can use options to hedge against broader market volatility, while profiting from CAG stock’s price movements in any direction.

I am looking at the contracts with the 6/17 expiration date.

The $32, $31 & $30 calls are all in the money, with the former being the most liquid of the three strikes.

The $35, $36 & $34 puts are also all in-the-money & are much more liquid than the calls mentioned above, showing broader bearish sentiment from the markets.

Tying It All Together

CAG stock has many interesting attributes that traders & investors will like.

Investors will like their valuation metrics & dividend yield, but may want to look closer into their balance sheet to see how their debt picture looks, and to shed light onto their dividend sustainability.

Traders will like the liquidity of their options in the near-term, particularly the puts.

Overall, it is worth taking a closer look at CAG stock to see how it fits into your portfolio strategy.