Quest Resource Holding Corp QRHC Stock

Quest Resource Holding Corp. works in the recycling & disposal services industry, trading under the ticker QRHC.

QRHC stock closed at $6.33/share on 8/18/2021, after a 9% rise on the day.

Quest Resource Holding Corp. QRHC Stock’s Technicals

Quest Resource Holding Corp. QRHC Stock's Technical Performance Over The Last Year

QRHC Stock Price: $6.33

10 Day Moving-Average: $5.94

50 Day Moving-Average: $6.34

200 Day Moving-Average: $3.91

RSI: 53.4

MACD: -0.099

After completing a bullish MACD crossover yesterday, QRHC looks set to test breaking through its 50 Day Moving-Average.

Their RSI of 53 is average, with 50 being completely neutral, trading on fairly average volume levels compared to the previous year.

QRHC stock looks to have more positive momentum behind it, with a 6.5% spread between their 10 & 50 Day MA’s, which should help power their share price higher.

While they’re currently testing the 50 Day MA, the next stop to test on the way up will be the $6.95-7 price range.

Quest Resource Holding Corp. QRHC Stock As A Long-Term Investment

QRHC stock’s P/E (ttm) is 44.6, with a P/B of 1.56. These levels are not unattractive in terms of overvaluation for a longer-term investment.

Their Debt/Equity (mrq) is also better than many of the other stocks we have looked at on here recently, coming in at 22.98, with $10.5M in Total Cash (mrq) & $16.32M in Total Debt (mrq).

Quest Resource Holding Corp.’s stock does not offer a dividend yield & is considered a micro-cap stock with a total market cap of $108.6M.

Due to these factors, only 44% of shares are held by Institutions.

Trading Quest Resource Holding Corp. QRHC Options In The Short-Term

From a short-term perspective, QRHC options look appealing.

I am looking at the 9/17 expiration contracts, which I think will gain in Open Interest after tomorrow’s expiration.

The $5 & $7.50 calls look appealing, with the $5’s being in-the-money & the $7.50’s being the next level above them.

From the puts perspective, there is very little open interest still, but once there is I will be eyeing the $7.50 strike price.

Tying It All Together

All-in-all QRHC stock looks to offer both long-term investors & short-term traders profit opportunities.

Their positive momentum in the near-term looks set to continue pushing their share price upwards.

In the long-run they have some appealing metrics from a valuation perspective, and may get additional price benefit from being a micro-cap.

This is because many stocks of that size go under the radar or are too small for some traders to invest in, so as they climb higher more people learn of them & pile in, forcing the price higher.

Overall, it seems that QRHC is worth taking a closer look at for both short & long-term traders.