SAIA Inc. SAIA Stock Analysis

SAIA Inc. stock trades under the ticker SAIA & has shown recent bullishness amid widespread market volatility that traders & investors should take a closer look at.

SAIA stock closed at $295.83/share on 1/24/2022.

SAIA Inc. SAIA Stock’s Technicals Broken Down

SAIA Inc. SAIA Stock's Technical Performance Over The Last Year

SAIA Stock Price: $284.23 (at time I writing this on 1/25/22)

10 Day Moving Average: $281.07

50 Day Moving Average: $317.45

200 Day Moving Average: $259.41

RSI: 44.03

MACD: -10.338

SAIA stock completed a bullish MACD crossover yesterday, although on very limited trading volume.

This is somewhat to be expected though, given the broader market volatility that we are currently experiencing, as folks don’t know what move to make next just yet.

Their RSI is still in the over-sold range at 44, showing that there should be more upwards momentum for their price in the near-term.

Their next resistance test will be at the $310-311-price level, followed by the $315 level.

This looks to be able to add even more positive momentum, as breaking through these ranges will also break them out over their 50 Day MA.

SAIA Inc. SAIA Stock As A Long-Term Investment

Long-term oriented investors may find that SAIA stock fits their investing strategy.

SAIA stock’s P/E (ttm) is reasonable at 39.94, although their P/B is 7.56, which some investors may find a bit too rich.

Their Beta is 1.32, showing that they tend to move a bit more aggressively than the wider markets.

SAIA stock’s Quarterly Revenue Growth Y-o-Y is 28%, with 91.9% Quarterly Earnings Growth Y-o-Y.

Their balance sheet may require a bit closer examination, with Total Cash (mrq) of $121.7M & Total Debt (mrq) of $162.25M.

Despite not offering a dividend yield, SAIA stock enjoys a high degree of ownership from Institutional Investors.

SAIA Inc. SAIA Stock As A Short-Term Trade Opportunity Using Options

SAIA stock can be traded using options in order to take advantage of current momentum, while warding off broader market volatility.

I am looking at the contracts with the 2/18 expiration date.

The $280 & $290 calls look appealing, although there is much more favorable liquidity in the latter, despite them being out of the money.

The $290 & $300 puts are extremely illiquid, although more contracts could be written in the near future, as we did just have an expiration date pass by for the last batch of contracts.

Tying It All Together

All-in-all, there appear to be many interesting opportunities in SAIA stock.

Investors may like their valuation, as well as their balance sheet, although be discouraged by their lack of a dividend.

Traders will like their current momentum, although they may be discouraged by SAIA’s lack of liquidity in puts & in-the-money calls.

SAIA stock is worth taking a closer look at – regardless of your trading strategy.