Nautilus, Inc. NLS Stock Analysis

Nautilus, Inc. stock trades under the ticker NLS, and closed for trading at $21.79 on 10/13/2020.

NLS has shown great strength since its price bottom in April, making it appealing for a trade opportunity.

NLS stock’s $22.50 call options are set to open in the money today based on yesterday’s post-market activity, with the next highest strike price level being $25 calls (looking at the 10/16 expiration).

Based on the prices of the put options, it seems that most traders see them going down in price before 10/16.

Nautilus, Inc. NLS Stock Chart For The Past Year

NLS Price: $21.79

10 Day Moving-Average:$19.64

50 Day Moving-Average: $15.06

200 Day Moving-Average: $7.69

RSI: 71

Given that the puts are priced at the same level, buying the $22.50 puts & calls for the same expiration may be the best course of action.

Weighting the holding to reflect your sentiment of their chart will help to protect you from losses, while maximizing gains.

Perhaps if you think NLS’s stock price will decline by Friday to under $22.50, buying a 2:1 ratio of puts:calls might make a safe way to trade on your belief, and vice versa for those who think Nautilus, Inc.’s stock price will rise.


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