Owens & Minor, Inc. OMI Stock Analysis

Owens & Minor, Inc. stock trades under the ticker OMI, and closed for trading at $26.62 on 10/15/2020.

After having recently shown technical strength, OMI stock has some interesting trade opportunities, both in common stock, as well as options.

With the gap between Owens & Minor, Inc.’s stock price & 10 Day Moving-Average getting closer, the 11/20 expiration $25 puts may be worth picking up.

This is especially important, given that we expect to see more volatility leading up to the election in a few weeks, and the $25 put’s Theta (time decay) is -0.0359, and their Vega (volatility:price sensitivity) is 0.0311.

From a OMI call options perspective, I would also be looking at the $25 strike price for 11/20 expiration calls. This way there is some cushion for the price to decline, and their Delta is 0.65, vs. the $22.50 call’s Delta of 0.78.

OMI Stock Price: $26.623

10 Day Moving-Average: $25.28

50 Day Moving-Average: $18.30

200 Day Moving-Average: $10.13

RSI: 70

For investors who are looking on a longer-term horizon, owning the common OMI shares is an option.

OMI is also a part of many ETFs, including XSVM (Invesco S&P SmallCap Value with Momentum ETF) , XHS (SPDR® S&P Health Care Services ETF) & CALF (Pacer US Small Cap Cash Cows 100 ETF), which will provide OMI exposure, while reducing risk as other assets are also held in these funds.