Lifeway Foods, Inc. LWAY Stock

Yesterday I picked up some shares of Lifeway Foods, Inc., which trades under the ticker LWAY. LWAY has presented strong technical performance recently, so after reviewing their chart I decided to buy some shares. I don’t plan to hold them long, but do still see some room for them to run to add to yesterday’s profits.

LWAY stock closed for trading at $7.45/share on 9/15/2020.

Lifeway Foods, Inc. LWAY Stock Chart For The Past Year

LWAY Price: $7.45

10 Day Moving-Average: $5.22

50 Day Moving-Average: $3.82

200 Day Moving-Average: $2.63

RSI: 68

While I intend to just trade this for now, there may be a move to invest for the longterm in the business upon a market pullback.

*** I Currently Own Shares Of LWAY Stock ***